Join us on the mission to thank, and take care of, our frontline Texas healthcare workers. If you have a question you don't see below, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind #TexasHealthcareHeroes?

Alden Early created a GoFundMe as soon as restaurants were asked to close their dining rooms. This seeded the idea to reach out and do more. With an initial private donation of $500, and matching donation from the Trinity Groves operations team, #TexasHealthcareHeroes was launched. Individuals are donating meal kits to #TexasHealthcareHeroes; restaurateurs are working alongside Trinity Groves to store, assemble, and deliver the food and meal kits.

How can I help?

The best way to help is to donate or buy a meal kit for those in need. You can do that through the buttons at the top of this page: make a donation through Venmo; or donate a meal kit through Toast. If you are not able to donate through one of these avenues, please contact us. You can also help by sharing this site and spreading the word with #TexasHealthcareHeroes

Can I volunteer?

Due to current restrictions, and the need to keep the healthcare workers' exposure to as few as possible, we are not allowing any on-site volunteers. You can help by sharing this site and spreading the word with #TexasHealthcareHeroes

Can I donate money?

You absolutely can, and it would be greatly appreciated! Donations can be made through Venmo, or you can donate a meal kit by purchasing it through the Toast app. Links to both can be found in the Donate section of the home page. #TexasHealthcareHeroes is solely funded by private donations; no profit or fees are taken out of any donation; all monies go toward the meal kits.

Who is paying for the care packages you give away?

The food is bought with donations provided by private individuals. #TexashealthcareHeroes is not funded by any organizations.

How do you know which healthcare workers are in need?

In respect of contamination protocol, the meal kits are delivered to hospitals who have expressed interest in helping to feed their workers. From there, the kits are delivered to the individual workers.

Who gets the meal kits?

Food Care Kits are delivered to area hospitals, where they are then distributed to hard-working, frontline care givers.

What goes in a kit?

Staple grocery items, such as butter, milk and eggs, combined with a ready-made meal. This gives the worker a dinner for their family as well as breakfast for the next morning. The ready-made meal might be something like a Saint Rocco's Caesar Salad, Parmesean Bread, Beef Bolognese sauce, and noodles (that need to be cooked), Kate Weiser chocolate or a slice fo cake from Cake Bar.

Why are you doing this?

During this COVID-19 outbreak, many healthcare professionals are working 10-12+ hour shifts, and because they are in exposed areas, many are living in hotels, away from their families. Due to the shortened grocery store hours, most don't have the time or energy to pick up food essentials after work. Restaurateurs, and the people working in the food industry, are supported every day by healthcare workers - this is their way of giving back, and saying "thank you". Food is their love language and because they can't hug you, or shake your hand right now, this is a way for them to feed and show love.

How are the Trinity Groves restaurants helping?

The Trinity Groves restaurant partners are donating refrigerated storage space, food, and manpower to #TexasHealthcareHeroes. Trinity Groves, and their partners are not being compensated in any way for their participation.

How many kits are you making?

The number of kits going out to the front line, is only limited by the amount of donations we receive. Currently our goal is to deliver 100 per week.

How are you making sure the packages aren't contaminated?

Only two people (wearing protective gear) are packaging the items, in a sanitized area. Each individual item is wrapped in saran wrap for further precautions. Vehicles are sanitized before delivery. Outer packages are plastic, which can easily be sanitized by the hospital before distribution to workers.

Can I become a partner and help?

If you are in the food industry, and have a surplus item you'd like to contribute, please contact us to ensure sufficient storage space and need.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Due to the volume of donations, hospitals are only able to give receipts for donations of 50 packages ($1000) or more. If your gift meets this criteria please use the contact form below and we will reach out to you to facilitate your gift receipt.

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